Products & Services
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Products & services

Innoventis-Cosmetics has assembled a catalogue of premium products composed of cosmetic and
dermatological skincare products.

Our cosmetic skincare includes premium products dedicated to skin aging, hydration and cleansing, whereas
our dermatological range has been designed to resonate with consumers with acne, sensitive or dry skin.

Launching your own cosmetics brand is more than just putting your products up for display. A successful
launch requires a strong sales and marketing strategy. Rest assured, this is where Innoventis-Cosmetics steps
in to help you write your own story.

Innoventis-Cosmetics has developed an extensive range of products and services to get optimal results from
launching your custom brand:

  • Product trainings
  • Marketing and sales coaching
  • Samples, testers and gift models
  • Personalized brochures, flyers and promotional material
  • Promotional actions
  • Personalized packaging

How Innoventis-Cosmetics operates

At the core of our DNA are the principles of participation and exchange.

Every innovation or (r)evolutionary product can count on the experience and expertise of a professional
advisory board, consisting of cosmetic scientists and industry experts. This group supervises the
development of new products by sharing its experience.

We make it our mission to respect the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, regulations and
production. Therefore, our selected partners are renowned institutions, well-respected and experienced
within the beauty industry.

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